Hoping to add to our loving family through adoption

Dear Birth Mother – We created this site so that if you are considering adoption for your baby, we would like to be an option for you. We are Home Study approved and certified to adopt. We have been dreaming about starting a family for so long and appreciate you taking the time to consider us. We know this is an important decision for you and we are committed to providing a wonderful life for your child. 

Not only are we excited for this, our extended family share our feelings. We believe that FAMILY is the most important thing in life…and we are hoping to bring that joy and love to a new baby through adoption. Between both of us, we have 7 siblings and 13 nieces and nephews. There are always kids around and our new child will instantly have “forever friends”.

We live in New York City and have a second home in upstate New York. This allows us to have great NYC adventures and enjoy the outdoors on the weekends. In the summer, we like to go swimming in our pool, hiking, and fishing. And in the winter, we like to go skiing and tubing. During the week, we have very fulfilling jobs, Julie works in Human Resources and Cory works in Finance. The schools are excellent in our neighborhood. We think a child would love the life we have created. We are so thankful to you for giving us this chance…you are thoughtful, admirable and the answer to our prayers.  We are both so grateful for your consideration.

To learn more about us, please email julieandcoryadopt@gmail.com or call or text 929-343-9493. We look forward to connecting with you.

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